Hello world!

So today begins our newest adventure…being dairy free! We are currently on the parenting and army life adventure as well! We (me-brooke and my husband-steven) have 3 beautiful bambinos. S is our princess who just turned 5, B is our farmer in training who is 19 months and G, our little surprise and the reason for a dairy free life is 6 months. For those of yall doing math yes that makes them 13 months apart…did you see the word surprise in his description?!? They all are smart, amazing, mischievous, and Trouble with a capital T! They make life a little crazy and a ton of fun!

This is S making her pumpkin cookies!

Here is B in his stylin new John Deere overalls!

And last but not least, G!

As mentioned before we are also in the Army! My husband recently joined and is training right now in Augusta,GA. Since is he will be here until next year, our family decided to come down from Virginia with him! It has been a bumpy ride for sure! He left 4 weeks after G was born and we didn’t get to see him for 13 weeks. But we are all together now!

That leaves the third adventure. Dairy free living. When G was 2 months old he started formula and could keep nothing down. Now that didn’t keep my little linebacker from gaining any weight which threw the doctors for a loop. Eventually after many many different types of formula we discovered he is allergic to milk and either allergic or intolerant to soy. Now that he is 6 months he is starting to want to eat some real foods but I realized so much of what we eat has dairy. He also scoots along after big sis and bro trying to get their drinks. He got B’s yesterday, drank a little before I could grab it and proceeded to vomit repeatedly. That is when we decided dairy free as a family was the best option. If he grows out of it we may reconvene but for now the choice has been made!
I decided to do this blog to document the ups and downs of all our adventures! I hope you enjoy the ride as much as I do!


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