A dairy free shopping trip and some new recipes!

So this weekend marked our very first dairy free shopping trip! I was a little overwhelmed by the cost of some of the dairy free options available. However, because of that I am happier with the amount of  fresh produce our meals contain! We tried a new recipe tonight. I got it from the www.GoDairyFree.org website. Alisa Fleming is the author of Go Dairy Free which is an awesome book about living dairy free and includes lots of recipes I can’t wait to try!

Tonight we had Quick Sun-Dried Tomato and Broccoli Penne. We actually added chicken to it. A lot of the recipes she suggest using are vegan and you just add protein to it! The kids loved it! The best part in my opinion was G being able to “eat” some because I knew everything was safe!

He was very intrigued by the broccoli!

But then he just decided to eat it!

After the kiddos were tucked in I also made the Low Fat Roasted Butternut Squash Muffins, only I chose the option to use pumpkin because I that’s what I had! I tried one and they are amazing! The kids will love it for breakfast and it only has 1/2 cup of sugar in the whole thing so I feel better about them eating it than cereal! We will have to see how they feel about it. I am pretty sure it was the first time I ever baked anything without butter in it! I can’t wait to try out some more recipes this week!


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