Naming Turkeys!

So there is nothing better in Princess S’s eyes than a craft! Especially a holiday craft! She is super excited that her Nan, Pops, CC, Bubba Bean, and Kayla (my family in Virginia) is coming to visit for Thanksgiving! She decided it was the day to make the turkey place cards we picked up at the store! After getting them all assembled she asked me “what are we naming the turkeys?” I had to laugh! She was very serious. After I explained exactly what place cards are for she was confused again only this time it was as to why we would need to know each others names! I told her it was just a fun thing to do. She accepted that !  Here are a pictures of her turkeys! It isn’t a great shot but my actual camera cord is in the jumble of what moving boxes are left! So this is from my phone!

Just waiting for their names!

Well I am off to finish cleaning the kitchen before bed! And just in case you were wondering the pumpkin muffins went over well! B has been munching on them all day! G even got to eat some and loved it 🙂 He made a huge mess though with most of it on his face not in his mouth! I am happy though to have another success in the dairy-free world!


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