A Dairy Free Thanksgiving!

So we officially had our first dairy-free Thanksgiving and…it was a huge success!!  We are not big fans of turkey around here so we substituted the big bird for some steak and shrimp! We also had corn on the cob (B’s favorite food!), green beans, sweet potato casserole and stuffing.  My biggest accomplishment was homemade rolls which ended up being a huge hit with our guests. Everyone was very happy regardless of the fact that there wasn’t any butter or milk in sight! I was thrilled to achieve my Thanksgiving goal!

The rest of the day was just as nice! Our guests hung out being entertained by our children. They are at their best when they have  an audience to perform for! The best part for me was the end when the kids went to sleep without fuss or fight and Steven and I got to watch a movie together!

Today has been lounging and munching on leftovers. B has been grabbing shrimp from the fridge and bringing it to us to peel for him 🙂 We decided to forgo the Friday shopping this year. Part of me is dying not to grab some awesome deals but it’s been fun to hang out in our pajamas playing tea party and tractors. Right now S and B are jumping around outside expending energy and G is asleep for his afternoon nap!Steven is reheating chili from earlier this week and nothing has been done.

Tomorrow is pictures and cleaning up the 2nd floor of the house! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and got the deals they wanted!


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