Mashed Potatoes and Meal Planning

First let us start with mashed potatoes. I have missed them. The creaminess from the butter and the milk. Mmm. Almond milk really can’t do this very well. I’ve tried and it just doesn’t cut it for me. This time I went a little crazy and it was delicious! I used red potatoes and boiled them with a sprig of rosemary and oregano and lots of salt. I then sautéed an onion with some more rosemary and oregano and salt and added it to the potatoes with a little almond milk and some “butter”. I was in heaven! G was in heaven too. Out of all of my kids he is my potato lover. S doesn’t mind them and B could probably never have another and not care. Both of them LOVE sweet potatoes though. This will definitely be on the menu for G and I more often!!

As for the meal planning. Ughh. I plan my meals out every 2 weeks. I try and think up breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. I use to love meal planning and than cheese and cream was removed from my life and now I dread it just a little. Part of me realizes how much of those two items we ate and I’m a little appalled. It was definitely not in moderation! In moving to the dairy/soy free diet, we have also moved to a cleaner eating diet. Soy is in almost every processed food item we use to buy. It is crazy to me what all soy can be found it. Everything from bread to vegetable oil to crackers to soup has soy in some form in it. We are now so much better at actually looking at the ingredients of what we eat instead of just the name. However, because of that and our food budget, I now dread sitting down and figuring out what to eat. I posted on Facebook this time around and got some great ideas from friends that I am going to try out this 2 weeks. I would also like to say that without Pinterest out food life would be spaghetti, tacos and bbq chicken. I’m going to try some new stuff and we will see how it goes. Stay tuned for either some positive or not so positive reviews from my food critics who give it straight every time!

Rosemary and Oregano Dairy free Mashed Potatoes

8 red potatoes

3 sprigs fresh rosemary

3 sprigs fresh oregano

2 garlic cloves

almond milk

1 tablespoon butter (I use Earth Balance dairy/soy free spread)



Fill pot with water and salt generously. Bring to boil. Add potatoes (peeled and cubed) to water with 1 sprig each of rosemary and oregano. When potatoes are done strain and keep herbs aside. Dice onion into small pieces and chop rosemary and oregano (including ones from pot) finely. Mince garlic. Add onion, herbs and garlic to heated pan with olive oil. Sautee until soft. Add to potatoes with almond milk (add small amounts until you get the consistency you desire) and butter. Mash well and serve!


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